Contract Review with Microsoft Power Automate

Automating Workflows for Efficient Contract Management

Client's overview and challenge

Streamlining ThoughtRiver's AI assisted Contract Review with Microsoft Power Automate

ThoughtRiver - Innovating Contract Review and Management with Legal AI

ThoughtRiver Limited, globally renowned for housing the world's most accurate legal AI, specializes in transforming contract review and management. Distinguished by its exceptional accuracy, ThoughtRiver accelerates the contract review process, setting industry benchmarks.

As the company expanded its operations, a pressing challenge emerged-ensuring the efficient management of the escalating volume of contract negotiations. To address this, ThoughtRiver sought to integrate its unparalleled Legal AI capabilities with Microsoft Power Automate to create a seamless and automated contract management solution.

Automating Workflows for Efficient Contract Management

As ThoughtRiver's clientele expanded, the challenge was to seamlessly integrate ThoughtRiver's powerful AI platform within Microsoft Teams and Outlook. ThoughtRiver sought a solution where contract reviews could be initiated and monitored directly within their familiar Microsoft environments, eliminating the need for a separate platform. If this can be done, it ensures a streamlined contract review process, reduced manual effort, and enhanced collaboration.

Bullion Oak Software Technologies

AI Contract Review through Microsoft environment with Microsoft Power Automate Integration

In collaboration with Bullion Oak expertise, ThoughtRiver devised a tailored solution centered around integrating their legal AI seamlessly into Microsoft Teams and Outlook using Microsoft Power Automate.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration: Custom Power Automate workflows were crafted to embed ThoughtRiver's AI capabilities directly into Microsoft Teams, allowing users to initiate and monitor contract reviews without leaving the Teams interface.
  • Outlook Environment Enhancement: Power Automate automated processes within Outlook, enabling users to interact with ThoughtRiver's AI platform for contract-related tasks directly from their email environment.
  • User-friendly Interface: The integration ensured a user-friendly interface within Microsoft Teams and Outlook, offering a seamless and intuitive experience for ThoughtRiver's clients.

Valuable insights and analytics for contract management.


Seamless User Experience

ThoughtRiver's clients could now effortlessly leverage the advanced features of the platform directly within Microsoft Teams and Outlook, significantly enhancing user experience.


Increased Productivity

Eliminating the need to switch between platforms resulted in increased productivity, enabling users to manage contract reviews without disruption to their workflow.


Efficient Collaboration

The integrated solution fostered efficient collaboration among team members within Microsoft Teams, promoting real-time communication and sharing of insights.


Time and Resource Savings

Direct access to ThoughtRiver's contract review platform within familiar Microsoft applications translated to time and resource savings, streamlining the contract management process.

Bullion Oak Software Technologies

The successful integration of ThoughtRiver's Legal AI into Microsoft Teams and Outlook through Power Automate not only addressed the specific challenge faced by their clients but also elevated the overall contract management experience. This strategic solution positions ThoughtRiver as an innovator, meeting the evolving needs of its clients and setting a new standard for seamless integration in the legal AI landscape.

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