A Seamless Integration of Microsoft Word with UiPath

Setting a new standard for modern document processing solutions

Client's overview and challenge

UiPath - Transforming ThoughtRiver Processing Excellence

ThoughtRiver - Innovating Contract Review and Management with Legal AI

ThoughtRiver Limited, a trailblazer in legal AI, sought to elevate its document processing capabilities by seamlessly integrating Microsoft Word functionalities within its microservices architecture. The objective was to empower users to effortlessly upload Docx files, initiate automated processing via UiPath Orchestrator, and receive polished document outlines in PDF format.

As ThoughtRiver's clientele expanded, the challenge was to seamlessly integrate ThoughtRiver's powerful AI platform within Microsoft Teams and Outlook. ThoughtRiver sought a solution where contract reviews could be initiated and monitored directly within their familiar Microsoft environments, eliminating the need for a separate platform. If this can be done, it ensures a streamlined contract review process, reduced manual effort, and enhanced collaboration.

A Seamless Integration of Microsoft Word with UiPath

Facing the need for a streamlined solution, ThoughtRiver aimed to enhance user experience and efficiency by incorporating Microsoft Word into its document processing workflow. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate this capability while ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Bullion Oak Software Technologies

Transforming ThoughtRiver Processing Excellence: A Seamless Integration of Microsoft Word with UiPath

In collaboration with Bullion Oak, ThoughtRiver devised a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution to revolutionize document processing.

  • Effortless File Upload: A tailored API endpoint was implemented, allowing users to effortlessly upload Docx files, seamlessly initiating document processing tasks.
  • Automated Processing with UiPath: The power of UiPath Orchestrator was harnessed to automate the intricate process of document processing using Microsoft Word. This not only streamlined tasks but also ensured accuracy and efficiency.
  • Seamless Result Communication: Upon processing completion, a REST API endpoint seamlessly communicated the results back to the application, providing users with prompt access to the polished document outlines in PDF format.

Valuable insights and analytics for contract management.


Enhanced User Experience

The solution streamlined document processing, offering users a seamless and intuitive experience, from file upload to receiving the final document.


Efficiency Gains

Automation with UiPath Orchestrator significantly reduced manual efforts, enhancing the efficiency of document processing tasks.


Consistent Quality

The integration of Microsoft Word ensured consistent and high-quality document outlines, meeting the precision standards associated with ThoughtRiver.

Bullion Oak Software Technologies RPA BPO Business Process

The collaborative effort between ThoughtRiver and Bullion Oak resulted in a transformative solution that seamlessly integrated Microsoft Word capabilities into ThoughtRiver's microservices architecture. This not only addressed the specific challenge but also elevated the overall efficiency and user experience of document processing. The success of this integration showcases the power of strategic collaboration and advanced automation tools, setting a new standard for modern document processing solutions.

This case study stands as a testament to the successful partnership between ThoughtRiver and Bullion Oak Software Technologies, positioning Bullion Oak as a reliable and innovative technology partner.

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